Ready for your brand and website to come ALIVE,

dripping with delicious colours, illustrations and words from the heart? 

Evolve beyond surface-level branding and cookie cutter templates and finally express your true essence!


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Hi There!

Imagine if your ideal clients took one look at your website and said: 

“Oh my goooosh! I LOVE your website.” or

“I feel like I already know you, even though we’ve never spoken!”

What if visitors:
• could literally feel your gorgeous energy dripping off the page.
• knew exactly what you stood for.
• instantly sensed you were their kindred spirit. 

Hi, I’m Emma Brownson, the founder of Soul Stirring Branding. I’ve helped hundreds of women over the last 12 years express the essence of who they are online with a one-of-a kind brand.

It would be a dream come true to help you too! 

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Are you a creative, coach, therapist, healer, teacher, transformational guide, author or serviced-based business owner who wishes your brand felt more like you?

Well, wish no longer! Your one-stop shop has arrived. 

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Your brand and website are your most important business assets.


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Imagine not only creating a GORGEOUS visual brand with unique details aligned to your personality but also the words that instantly convey who you are.

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Web Design

Bring your online home to life and create a space people want to dive into, inhale all the deliciousness, exhale glee and do a happy dance right to the checkout.

The Soul Stirring Branding Method

The all-in-one heartfelt & powerful branding process

Clarify your message so clients recognise your value.

Art direction of your photo shoot so you actually get what you want.

Love-soaked visual brand identity creation.

Strategic WordPress website design + development.

Emotive website copywriting that tells your story.

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Keep going around in circles with where to take your brand? Grab this freebie! 

In this 3-day video series I’ll guide you through:

Day 1:  What branding actual is and WHY you might be getting overwhelmed picking a direction to take your brand in.
Day 2: How to make your brand feel personal to you and like your heart and soul is the fibre that weaves everything together.
Day 3: How to translate your essence into your dram visual branding to make your audience fall in love.


Kelly Rae Roberts Branding Website Designer

“Emma is the real deal. I have already given this advice, which is: “Make the investment. You won’t be disappointed.”

The Problem:
“Before the rebranding I dreaded sending people to my website. It didn’t represent where I was professionally, personally, spiritually.”

The Solution:
“I got major clarity doing the workbook, and throughout the entire process. Emma was a pure DELIGHT to work with. I was surprised and delighted by Emma’s level of detail, how generous she was with her time, how intuitive her ideas fit with what I was looking for. She is one stop shopping and that is RARE and such a gift.” 

— Kelly Rae Roberts, Artist & Teacher, USA


I work differently from other designers

I go deep.
My process takes you through so much more than an aesthetic update. We dig deep beyond the surface level to discover the heart of your brand.

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I don’t hold your branding hostage.
I’m passionate about empowering my clients to be able to use their branding independently by creating templates in Canva and providing training.

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I offer the full service.
Need soulful copywriting? Check!
Need luscious visuals?
Need a WOW! factor website?
Check! Need some accountability? Check!

Andrea Scher - Soul Stirring Branding & Website Client

“Emma offered me the most graceful & thorough process to get crystal clear about who I am.”

The problem:
“When I started working with Emma, my website was still functional but didn’t reflect who I was or where I was going. It seemed like an old version of me that I had grown out of… and yet, I was also a bit lost about where I was headed next.”

The Solution:
“It was SO MUCH MORE than money well spent. It has given me a whole new world to play inside of – one that inspires me and my community. Emma is a BRILLIANT designer with gorgeous taste and excellent instincts around channeling your style and vision.

— Andrea Scher, Creativity Coach, Artist and Award-Winning Author 


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Hi, I’m Emma Brownson

For the last decade, I have helped hundreds of business owners clarify their essence and translate it into a bespoke brand identity system and website layered with authenticity, depth, beauty and care. Think of it as holistic branding!

Based in Sydney, Australia, we service clients worldwide with a seamless virtual process that won’t feel like we’re a million miles away from each other!

When I’m not busy working on creative things for my business, I’m busy thinking of creative ways to keep my twin toddlers Aidan and Noah from hurting themselves and each other! They don’t make it easy!

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Convey your expertise
Brand your business with authenticity
Be supported from start to finish