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Are you a heart-led woman wanting your essence expressed and embodied? 


How to find the soul of your brand.

Hi There!

Imagine your brand creating such a strong sense of intimacy, trust and connection with your ideal clients that they say:

“I feel like I already know you, even though we’ve never spoken.”

I believe that your values, your personality, your energy and your unique qualities deserve to be truly honoured and reflected in your branding.

If your greatness isn’t being illuminated, through a generic, confusing, misaligned or outdated image, ultimately it is holding you back from reaching, resonating and making a bigger difference to the right people. Energetically and emotionally, I feel it also holds you back from dreaming and doing more in your business too.

So why keep your brand and website on the surface level when you can have so much more depth?

Some of the inspiring women I’ve worked with


I work differently to other designers

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I go deep.
I feel strongly that if you want to take the big leap to birth your brand and website into the world, it should be done RIGHT, not by half measures.

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I don’t hold your branding hostage.
I’m passionate about empowering my clients to be able to use their branding independently by creating templates in Canva and providing training.

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I offer the full service.
Need soulful copywriting? Check!
Need luscious visuals?
Need a WOW! factor website?
Check! Need some accountability? Check!

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Hi, I’m Emma Brownson

For the last decade, I have helped hundreds of business owners clarify their essence and translate it into a bespoke brand identity system and website layered with authenticity, depth, beauty and care.

Based in Sydney, Australia, we service clients worldwide with a seamless virtual process that won’t feel like we’re a million miles away from each other!
When I’m not busy working on creative things for my business, I’m busy thinking of creative ways to keep my twin toddlers Aidan and Noah from hurting themselves and each other! They don’t make it easy!

The Soul Stirring Branding Method

The all-in-one heartfelt & powerful branding process


Convey your expertise
Brand your business with authenticity
Be supported from start to finish