Soul Stirring Branding Episode 11 – Is Marketing To Pain Points Unethical or Is There A Way Heart-Centred Business Women Can Get Behind?

Episode 11 - Is marketing to pain points unethical or is there a compassionate way that heart-centred business women can get behind?

There’s been a lot of conversations popping up in my in the last few years or so about not using pain points in your marketing because it’s unethical. 

So I wanted to share my take as a mission-driven business owner here to bring so much love, support and inspiration into the world through my work (not sleazy marketing tactics and manipulation).

Pain points are any struggles, fears, worries, concerns and so on that people have, and in a business sense we’re specifically looking at problems your business solves. This could be any type of pain – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. 

I did a bit of Googling and here is how some people online are describing it, which included: “If you’re exploiting someone’s pain to gain a sale, that’s unethical.” or “Pouring salt on the open wounds of your deepest pain.”

So should we be leading with our ideal clients’ desires, dreams and goals only? Even if we know from psychology that humans are more motivated to move AWAY from pain points, than we are towards our goals. 

Or is there actually a caring, sensitive, tactful, compassionate way to go about it? 

I’ll be sharing my take in this episode! 

If you have a question about whether now is the right time for you to work on your branding, I’d welcome you to DM me to chat about it. 

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