Kristin Morrison


Kristin Morrison is a business and life coach, podcaster and author. She went from accidental business owner to building one of the largest businesses in the pet industry in California. She later sold it and started her second business, Prosperous Pet Business, where she coached business owners with pet sitting and dog walking businesses. After getting so many requests from business owners outside of the pet industry, she set up her third business, Best Year Coaching. She hosts two podcasts Business Pathfinder and The Prosperous Pet Business Podcast.


Kristin approached me with a desire to rebrand this under her own name and completely transform her outdated website. As she put it “Last year I realized it was time to ‘claim my name’. So, I dusted off the Kristin Morrison dot com domain that had been sitting in Go Daddy for over 10 years and began the search for a web person who could turn the ideas I had for the website into reality.
The night before I was to sign a contract with a web designer, I found Emma from Soul Stirring Branding. Her website design portfolio lived up to her business name. I found myself “oohing” and “ahhing” over her website designs as I looked at her website at 11pm (I literally found her in the 11th hour before I was to sign the contract with the other person!).
The whole website creation process has been an intense process because it had me coming to terms with the fact that I’ve been a big fish in a small pond for many years (pet business coach, author of pet business books, etc.). The past few years I’ve been feeling the Powers That Be nudging me (and then firmly pushing me) in the direction of getting into the big ocean, where there are many big fish.”
We created a beautiful, lush brand filled with collage details, gold accents and her signature warm and positive energy.


Website Design
Podcast Artwork


WordPress Website Development by Lillie Clark
Photography by In Her Image

"Emma is a website artist the likes of which I've never known before. Her ability to turn my ideas into what you'll see here has been nothing less than astounding to me. She's a craftswoman of the highest calibre. Thank you, Emma. Thank you."

“My work with Emma began with me filling out an 80-page workbook she had created to get a sense of my goals and visions for the new site. The workbook took many hours to fill out. Even though I groaned when I was halfway through, it was worth the effort because that filled-out workbook was the catalyst to clarity. Me filling out the comprehensive workbook helped us both realize what the site design should look like and feel like to website viewers.”

Kristin Morrison


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