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Through deep 1:1 Coaching, rich, soulful events in Brisbane drenched in beauty and belonging and inspiring online courses, Reclaim Her helps women reconnect to who they truly are and claim their worthiness. Founders and sisters, Sophie & Kareena, went through their own ‘reclaiming journies’ after losing themselves from two very different life experiences. They now help women navigate the process.


Sophie and Kareena wanted their brand to reflect an approachable and non-intimidating soulful feel, so that everyday women could connect with it. They desired a warm, flowy, feminine feel, balancing boldness and softness.


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"The way Emma has captured who we are, now feels like the highest version of ourselves and I’ve found myself consciously expanding into that fuller expression.

From a fledgling business, we’d grown and changed over time and our website was a mish-mash of different elements that we’d put together as we evolved. I knew our work was of a certain caliber but our website and promotional material didn’t reflect that, and I found I was reluctant to share it with our audience as I felt it actually detracted from our offering. It lacked consistent imagery & wording & didn’t carry the warmth, energy & professionalism of who we now are…and I wasn’t sure how to pull it all together.

I really wanted to invest in our branding, because I know it’s like the shopfront of your business. How you show up on the page impacts the impression people will have of you when they first connect and moving forwards. I’d been enquiring with different companies but their offering always seemed to lack ‘heart’ and ‘soulfulness’ (things important to our business). The words and imagery felt too ‘corporate’ or hard and lacked the warm, feminine, soulful feel we wanted to convey. We wanted to work with someone who understood us, understood what a heart-based business is and how best to share that with the world in a non ‘woo woo’ kind of way. Emma absolutely nailed it

Emma’s process for diving deep into who Kareena & I are individually and together in our offering brought out pieces about us that we ourselves hadn’t really connected with before. She provided a safe space to explore that and connect more deeply with the fullest expression of who we are and what we had to bring into the world…and it felt safe to do so under her guidance. Emma has absolutely captured the heart of our offering – her words are beautiful, rich, soulful, connecting and impactful and the imagery fills my heart every time I see it…and I love how her attention to detail means it gets woven across all our branding pieces.

Something I particularly love about Emma is she has a rare ability to bring together a visually creative ability with intelligent and impactful writing/copy skills.She has a natural ability to draw from you your personal story and the ‘why’ of your business, to create copy that connects with your audience. She is able to pick up a thread of an idea we have and give it life, quickly adapting as we offer feedback, so we end up with a beautifully branded finished product. Kareena and I both got teary when we saw how beautiful our finished pages were, so deeply touched that we had been ‘seen’ and our energy/essence captured so well.

I happily sing her praises far and wide. I am so proud to share our branded offering. It gives me a confidence that we didn’t have before. I know that Emma’s work helps us to be seen for who we really are. She captures the ‘heart’ factor of our business in a professional, clearly relatable, warm, connecting, impactful way. Her branding allows us to show up and charge our worth.

Emma will give your offering beautiful life, better even than you hope for. We are so, so happy we made the decision to work with Emma. It’s a choice that’s changed the way we show up in the world. She has become an integral part of our success as a business and we continue to seek her support to help our growth because she always brings the best version of ourselves to our branding. We’ve worked with other branding agencies but none came close to Soul Stirring Branding…a company that really ‘sees’ and ‘gets you’, listens and captures the detail of who you are, adapts and flows as you ‘find your feet’ with it and integrates professional, impactful branding with heart & love/soul.

 – Sophie, Reclaim Her



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