Anna Sayce


Anna Sayce is an intuitive, healer, and teacher of spiritual development, who has worked with thousands of clients and students (many of whom are empaths) since 2007. She is on a mission to demystify the spirit realm, so people can grow their intuitive confidence and accuracy.


When Anna approached me, she was struggling with a website that was not functional and a brand that had lost its consistency over the years. She desired a brand that felt down-to-earth, light, feminine and natural. We transitioned her from the typical spiritual purple she was using to a brand with more warmth.


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“It’s hard to put into words just how much I LOVED working with Emma and how utterly delighted I am with my new website.

Before I found Emma’s services, I had a website that was OK, but a little outdated and with a piecemeal approach to graphic design. When people arrived there, it wasn’t immediately clear what the website was even about.

Now, after going through Emma’s branding and design process, I’ve got a stunning website with branding that is very clear, and spot on, in terms of the message I want to put out into the world.

The website has had loads of compliments.

I was mega impressed with how thorough Emma’s process was to guide me through the re-branding process, and the ‘spot on’, perfect brand I now have is definitely no accident — it was brought into being by Emma. Thank you, Emma. You are the best at what you do!!!”

Anna Sayce
Founder, Anna Sayce




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