Natajsa Wagner


Natajsa Wagner is a clinical psychologist based in Brisbane. She works with people who have experienced developmental trauma (also known as adverse childhood experiences) which includes physical or emotional abuse, neglect and other stressful adversities including intergenerational trauma.


Our goal was to build an online presence that authentically represented Natajsa, expressed her values and conveyed a sense of safety, warmth and care and professionalism.

Natajsa’s logo represents the part the two parts of the brain Natajsa works with: the one that holds trauma and the one that doesn’t. The right side represents being open to growth, possibility and transformation with spiraling shapes and natural elements.

This was paired with a fresh and earthy colour palette that feels welcoming and professional, modern illustrations and abstract graphics and clean, professional fonts for a high-end, modern and slightly bohemian vibe.


Brand Messaging + Identity
Website Design
Social Media Templates


Squarespace Website Development by Squarely
Photography by Eyes of Love Photography

“I have had really good feedback on the site and people commenting on the level of professionalism and design. It's also something I feel good about when I go online!

My previous branding was done quite a few years ago and it did not result in exactly what I had wanted. The brand felt disjointed as there was no consistency across the colours, images and fonts I was using between my website and socials.

Emma and I worked on striking a balance between appearing professional and with strong clinical knowledge, while also being grounded, warm and down to earth. I found it was great having the brand guidelines, as it is something I was able to pass onto my VA who works on my social media posts, to ensure the look was being carried out consistently.

Clients love the look and feel not only of my online presence but the real-life brand presence as well! I got to have fun redesigning my clinical space and using the new colours and I now love how people’s experience of my site then flows into their experience in my clinic. The benefit of taking a holistic approach and working on the foundations first, like Emma steps clients through, is that you can confidently make investments in the look of your clinical space or other elements of your brand, knowing everything is aligned and consistent.”

— Natajsa Wagner, Australia.



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