SARK is a highly acclaimed author, artist, speaker and teacher with millions of books in print. For almost 40 years she has been sharing her words, art and spirit to uplift, transform, inspire. She offers a laser beam of love, amidst the marvellous messy middle of your complex, beautiful life. She has sold over two million books, including Succulent Wild Woman and Prosperity Pie.


Over the last 40 years there have been many iterations of SARK’s business and their current products, programs and services were not being cohesively offered. Their website and content had become outdated and didn’t reflect the heart and whimsy the brand is known for and much beloved in their books and products. Incorporating SARK’s own hand-written font and illustrations, we brought the visual brand and website alive with colour, texture and fun.


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"We’ve received tons of incredible feedback. The people we’ve showed just love it and really feel like it’s a true reflection of who SARK is and what the company has to offer.

Our site and brand was not cohesive or woven together at all. There’s been so many iterations of the business, and our previous branding didn’t reflect our products, programs and services – there was a lack of clarity. We never wanted to show off the old brand- we didn’t want people to see it at all, haha.

There have been many companies over the years that said they understand “branding for creatives”, but upon hiring them it wasn’t an energetic match. But you came so highly recommended and we saw others sites and branding and knew this was  a great fit. The experience was phenomenal from Day 1 to the end.

I know it was incredibly eye-opening and transformational for Susan to complete the workbook and helped us get clear on her purpose, vision, and brand and what legacy SARK wants to leave.

I would describe Emma as warm, thorough, organized, gentle, intuitive and understanding.

We’ve received tons of incredible feedback. The people we’ve showed just love it and really feel like it’s a true reflection of who SARK is and what the company has to offer.

The brand and website is next level SARK. It’s design and cohesiveness really does exactly what we envisioned- to empower others with the SARK spirit and to keep the SARK color intact, which is speaking to their inner child. Also, we know that the new site is going to strategically way we sell products and programs and services and increase revenue.

SARK is in the business of inspiring creative living- living, loving, thinking creatively in every aspect and the revamp of our site and branding does just that.

The advice I would give others considering working with Emma is to GO FOR IT. This is the best investment in your company and it really provides a level of intuitive understanding of why you’re doing the work you do and what that means in the world. It’s strategic and intensive getting to the root of “Why”, but still creative and thoughtful.

Soul Stirring Branding/Emma has an innate + intuitive way of understanding creative clients and knows how to guide them, which in turn makes a huge difference in the business.

Emma did this in a gentle and candid way and her approach is effective, straightforward, incredibly insightful, and oh so VALUABLE.”

– Susan “SARK”



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