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 Anna Guljas, Brave Tales 

I’m excited to share with you an interview with the lovely Anna from Brave Tales! My clients are all in a diverse range of industries, but at the same time, they have so many similarities. They’re all committing to going after their big dreams in such an amazing way, and are driven by a desire to make a genuine difference in the world! It’s seriously inspiring to see. 



Give everyone a little introduction to your fabulous business!

We are your friendly gift store that caters to growing boys (newborn – 10 years). We carry fun things for the playroom, bedroom, on-the-run and we’re working on very own clothing collection which should be available shortly. Everything we make and source, is carefully considered to align with our mission that is to offer products and ideas that instil confidence, happiness and bravery in little boys 🙂


What inspired your business name? 

I had considered changing my business name to something more catchy and shortly after meeting with Emma, I decided to go ahead and rebrand. Brave Tales are the stories for living a brave life.

Have you always loved fashion and how would you describe your personal style?

I have always loved fashion (always) and I’d say my style is not so much about keeping up with trends as it is more to suiting my body shape. I’m also about wearing fun t-shirts and I’m not afraid of bright colours.


What inspired you to start Brave Tales? 

With so many brands to choose from these days I think it’s important to   choose brands that stand for something you believe in. Brave Tales offers practical ideas for parents/carers of boys and how to build strong   relationships with them. I wanted to create a brand that acknowledges the importance of raising brave boys so that they can tackle almost anything in their adult life. We need (emotionally) strong, confident and happy men in our society.


What does a typical day in the life of Anna look like? 

It begins and ends with social media interaction and everything in between includes doing all the roles of managing a start-up business. The day goes pretty quick before school pick-up at 2.45 so I need to be really organised.

What advice would you give to women who are trying to juggle being a mum while running a successful business? Have you ever struggled with finding a balance? 

Hmm, I’m still figuring that out myself but I would probably suggest getting yourself a diary and massive whiteboard haha. I think it’s just about planning your day (week and month) but not being too hard on yourself for not getting it all done,..impossible! I also wouldn’t cope with daily stress levels without some kind of exercise and I visit my gym 3 times a week for a good workout.


Why do you do in your spare time? 

I love to read home and style magazines when I can. I also love to bake, drink nice wine and go out for dinner with my family.


Why did you decide to work with me on your branding?

You have such a rounded experience in graphic design and branding and I think it was from our initial meeting that I felt really comfortable in talking with you. I also liked how you introduced your branding process and left hardly any questions for me to ask! Very thorough.


What was your experience like? Did you have a favourite part of the branding process?

Well I think we both know that I couldn’t wait to see the final branding presentation folder haha. Our phone and Skype discussions confirmed that you were on the same wavelength when it came to the overall look of the brand and how I wanted to communicate to my audience.


How would you describe your ideal customer?

She/he is an online shopper who attaches themselves to brands that are happy, positive and offer something a little different at the same time. They might be time-poor workers (or maybe they just happen to squeeze in online browsing while waiting in queues) and they love the idea of gift-wrapped packages arriving at their doorstep the next day.


What kind of personality did you want to come across in your branding and how did you decide on that?

Brave Tales is intended to be fun and playful rather than serious and dull. It’s inspirational content both (on the website itself and on social media platforms) is meant to share ideas (and not advice) about ways to excite, challenge, teach and have fun with our little men.


How does it make you feel to finally have branding you’re truly proud of and which fits your brand’s heart and soul? Have you been getting positive feedback?

I’ve had so much great feedback already about the brand and it’s look. I’m so happy to have a set of design guidelines that I can use when I’m creating my own marketing content and this creates a much more professional and consistent image.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who are thinking about branding / rebranding their business, but don’t know where to begin, whether it would be worth the money, or how to find the right person to partner with?

I think it’s always good to sit down and have chat at length, and then you’ll know exactly what to do. It is a lot of money for a start-up business but it’s equally that important to get off the ground on the right foot. You need your business’s message to be communicated right away and sometimes that’s not easy to do. Branding is so much more than a cool design suite, it’s about digging into the brand’s ‘soul’, realising it’s purposes and values and also presenting them in the best way possible.


What exciting things can we expect to see from you by the end of 2016?

The capsule clothing collection is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and I’m excited to finally see them when they arrive from the manufacturer. I’ve also been working on Brave Tale large canvas floor cushions and some other goodies for the home.

Thanks Anna! It was amazing working with her and I’m so inspired by the Brave Tales message 🙂 

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