When you jump into creating a new website without developing your branding first
Why you should define your branding first before you jump into a website project 

I see this time and time again! Please, please, please — get your branding sorted first BEFORE you dive into hiring someone to create a new website for you. As you really do run the risk of it all turning to custard!


One minute you’re so excited about how beautiful and functional your new website is going to be and can’t wait to dive in like the woman on the left, the next you’re half way through the project and feeling like the woman on the right, stuck underwater, lost, overwhelmed, nothing’s looking right and you’re deflated.

So why does this happen so frequently? Well no one tells us the right order to do things. We know we need a website, so that’s what we ask for. What business owners too often expect is a rebrand or refresh of the look and feel of their brand within the website project. But in my opinion it’s the wrong place to tackle such an important job. We have enough to worry about with the pages and the flow and the structure and the technical functionality. To throw a refresh of the look in between all that…well things can start to get really messy if it’s not handled right.

It’s so important to give your brand development the loving space and adequate time it needs to be birthed into the world. Time to ensure it is a true reflection of you. When we try to wrap this important task into a website redesign it clouds the focus, we get overwhelmed with the details, and more often than not projects drag out way longer than anticipated and go through way too many revisions!

Imagine how simple and streamlined it would be to create a website when you know exactly what logos, colours, fonts, graphics i.e. Icons, textures, patterns, and photography to use. When you’ve taken the time to define these elements that make up your visual brand, and have fully signed off on it. When you know your copywriting tone of voice and key messaging. I find this approach is an investment of time and money on the front end that pays dividends in the back end.

It’s also important to remember that your website is just one touch point for your brand. So when you build a brand refresh around whether it works for one touch point, it can sometimes be hard to them translate that look to your other business materials. Remember that it’s not always as simple as something working for the web then being able to work for print. So it’s far more strategic to take a birds eye view of the situation and create a visual brand identity system around what is going to work for your business in the bigger picture.

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