A feel good approach to Oil Pulling



CocoWhirl is a new, all natural Australian product, providing a natural alternative to teeth whitening.  Oil pulling is an age-old remedy that uses oil to clean and detoxify teeth and gums, originating in India. The technique involves whirling oil in your mouth for 15 minutes to draw out toxins in your body. Not only does it whiten teeth, but it also improves overall health, as there is a strong connection between mouth health and overall body health. As a company, Cocowhirl are passionate about positivity, mindfulness and inspiring people to follow their dreams. 
Cocowhirl Process
Despite our geographic locations: with myself in Brisbane and Denise in Sydney, we were able to connect on Skype and go through our heart & soul exercises with ease. As a new product launching in the market, CocoWhirl needed a brand which would allow them to stand out in the growing niche market of oil pulling and gain credibility.
Founder Denise made it clear from the get go — Cocowhirl wasn’t just about improving your outwards appearance, just as importantly, she wanted to promote a healthy outlook on life  — positioning the brand real, raw and inspiring. While the competition looked trendy, they also felt quite clinical, and lacked soul and an emotional connection. We saw these as  key areas that we could differentiate with, whilst conveying the core essence we developed “Love life, naturally”.
Denise and I collaborated on a Pinterest board and she was instantly drawn to an example of marbling which I had saved. We agreed it had beautiful synergy with the flowing movement and texture of coconut oil, and it was a great fit with the organic theme, being that every marbling print is completely unique and cannot be recreated, just like natural objects.
It was such a fun and rewarding experience to learn the art of marbling. I went a bit nuts with the process and produced over 100 prints, trying to get the most desirable shapes possible. From there I scanned the prints and took them into Photoshop to alter the colours.
When it came to the colour palette, I knew I wanted to steer away from the overdone mint green. I opted for the feel good, uplifting, warm and vibrant combination of warm purple with peach. When altering the colours, I found an interesting process.  I was able to isolate certain colour ranges. The blue ink came out most vividly on the page, so that came out really solid, however the lighter colours like yellow, green and red produced a semi-opaque look when isolated, which closely resembled an oil look.
 I had the challenge of creating a logo, which enhanced and complemented the marbling prints, who were the hero of the brand, rather than competing with it. I started to explore how I could visually represent CocoWhirl and liked the idea of breaking the word up into two font styles, one which reflected the look of a Coconut, and one which reflected the look of a Whirl to develop a nice cohesion between the business name and the logo.

“Emma literally read my mind! She delivered a brand that was bursting with heart & soul, which fit my vision completely! When I saw my branding for the first time I had such a positive emotional reaction that it actually brought me to tears! Because she really took the time to understand my requirements, no revisions were needed and it made for such a smooth process. To top it all off, Emma is such a beautiful person and so easy to work with. I’m very proud of what we created together and so glad I chose Emma over other designers.”

Denise Gribben

Founder, CocoWhirl

The brand was topped off with a mix of organic looking typography styles, hand-drawn icons and feel good, candid photography.
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